Stuff We’ve Bought

I have followed Sarah’s blog over at Temporary Secretary for ages now, and this week she has a sale on so I jumped at the chance to grab a bargain, especially as I’ve been lusting after some of the things for ages.

Miss mustard and I have had many a fight over whether or not this is a fox (as per the description) or an owl. Mustard maintains it’s an owl, but we’ve settled for ‘an animal’. Regardless, he is mighty cute.

I was super impressed with the packaging – bubblewrap + lots of lovely tissue paper to keep it safe, and a lovely handwritten message too!

I’m not sure what to name him, although for alliterative effect it might have to be Frederick!

It’s definitely safe to say that we’re fans over here at w&m!


So, after the last post in which I umm’d and ahh’d over a handle for the mustard bag, I was thinking how impractical it was for uni without one, when a glance at my small satchel brought a flash of inspiration.

This is my every day bag, but is a bit small for all the books I need for a day at uni, no matter how much I love it.The important bit, though, is that the strap is detachable! So, I grabbed my needle and thread and attached some elastic loops to the mustard bag, like so.

And now, I can attach a strap OR carry it around with the smaller one. I’m very pleased, even if I do say so myself!

Yesterday I acquired this mustard handbag for a bargain £5 in one of the brilliant charity shops in Liverpool. Someone has cut out the over the shoulder strap, I rather like carrying it as it is, but I might add a new strap soon.

I spent my morning helping out at an English department open day, chatting to lots of fresh faced, nervous students. It was lovely to help people AND I left with these free books as the department was giving lots away!

After a little afternoon at a vintage fair, I wanted to share with you my finds and some of our top tips for vintage shopping.

1. Look at everything before you buy. This is especially helpful if you’re on a budget – today I allowed myself £10 and came out with two special treats.

2. Don’t get conned by ‘vintage’. Check that what you’re looking at actually is old. If it’s not, is the price tag worth it? It’s great that fairs are now often full of handmade stalls and vintage inspired or quirky products (those were what caught my eye today, in fact), just be sure not to pay over the odds.

3. Don’t fall into the sewing machine trap. If you think ‘Oh I could take this in’ or ‘This would be great if I changed the buttons’, that’s ace, but make sure you will actually do it. If it’s going to collect dust at the back of your wardrobe until you take it to a charity shop, leave it for someone else to enjoy!

4. Have a few ideas in mind. I normally have some (or too many!) things that I’m lusting after at the back of my thoughts when I’m vintage or charity shopping so I know what I can and can’t buy. This also goes for keeping an eye out for your favourite vintage brands (mine is definitely Biba).

5. Be friendly! It can never hurt to get a card from some lovely boutiques, and having a little chat might just land you that discount next time you visit!

6. Finally, don’t be afraid to leave empty handed. It’s ok if nothing took your fancy today – perhaps treat yourself to a cup of tea and a cake instead!

Happy treasure hunting!