Food We’d Like To Eat

A family birthday this week called for some time in the kitchen, so I made preserved lemons and sugar and spice almonds!

They taste just like chai tea!


Whilst I love summer, I just think you can’t beat the food and drink and cosiness of winter – mince pies, mulled everything and many mittens are just the thing! My absolute favourite of the winter drinks is Bottlegreen’s spiced berry cordial – a company from our hometown, a mug of their syrupy spicy cordial is definitely the best way to warm up on a cold winter’s evening. Last week I was pining for some, with none to be found in Liverpool. Until today, when I opened the door to find that mama whimsy had sent a package of not one, but THREE bottles!

These might just last me until the end of term.

1. Free books. Ok, not quite free, but today I got a parcel of books that I bought with book tokens from my lovely family. And there are more on their way! Best thing ever.

2. Today I FINALLY went to see the last part of Harry Potter, and loved it! The air conditioned cinema was particularly welcome in this crazy heat.

3. A crafty bit of fancy dress. Last night was the first English Society social of the year, with a literary character theme. I went as Peter Pan, and whipped up this quick headdress in the afternoon. I’ve sewn the feathers onto some elastic, and then covered up the stitches with a little extra piece. Add a safety pin and there you have it!

4. Curry. I can’t get enough of it – it’s all I want to eat, night and day. I’m making some now!