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My (minor) obsession with cameras has been well documented. So a few months ago I bought this lovely Polaroid Land Camera 1000 off ebay.

Now, the fact that Polaroid film is no longer being made is something of an issue, but fortunately I had heard about The Impossible Project, and their amazing work in recreating Polaroid film. So obviously I had to buy some!

Yes, it’s incredibly expensive, and having never used my camera before I didn’t even know if it worked, but I was willing to take that risk!

So my first attempt may not be the greatest of quality (yes, Domo was my test subject) but at least the camera works! As you only get 8 exposures at a time I’m very wary about wasting them, so I’m going to wait for a sunny day to try my next one, that’ll be 2012 at the earliest then.





I haven’t really had time to do anything very exciting to my nails recently, but the other day I had a few spare minutes to play around with some of the wonderful Barry M nail effects crackle varnish and a plain white basecoat. I feel I should point out that it’s not usually a good idea to paint nails the day before packing and moving, they will chip.

A while ago, I got an old roll of fisheye film developed. I’ve finally got around to uploading them (apologies for the poor quality, being a poor student I had to get them all scanned in). Some of the prints were a little odd, and got cut in half, but I rather like them like that.

A while ago, I bought this 70s crochet book, hoping it would inspire me to give it a go. Accompanied by miss whimsy, we gave it a try.

We gave it a go, with limited success, as the book instructions were more pretty than useful, so we ended up using youtube tutorials. Also the hooks we had were far too small for the wool, it turns out that mama mustard used them for making lace, which explains why we had such issues!

We shall persevere, buying new hooks shall be the first step to crochet success.