Mango Eton Mess

I mentioned in my bramble clafoutis post that I made some meringues with the spare egg whites. I was craving an eton mess, but I wanted to give it a twist of my own, so I made this one with mango.


There is no elegant way to take a picture of eton mess. The clue’s in the name..

First, I made meringues – I followed Delia’s recipe. It was my first go at making meringues without the help of my grandmother, so I was really pleased with how they turned out, although I might have to work on my piping skills before I make a pavlova!

Whisk up some whipping cream until it is fluffy and thick (I did it by hand because it’s more satisfying, but grab an electric whisk if you’re pushed for time). Add the crumbled meringues and chunks of mango. A fresh, ripe mango would work for this but I used a pot of Nature’s Finest mango slices in juice, as this guaranteed the ripeness. Whichever you are using, keep some of the flesh out of the cream.

Puree (or even just mash with a fork!) the mango pieces that you kept, and put them in a small pan on a low heat. If you used a pot of mango, add some of the juice, and if not add some water. Sprinkle in a spoon of sugar and let the mixture bubble, as if you were making a mango jam. Continue to add juice to keep the consistency and sugar to taste, until the sauce just coats the back of a spoon (it will thicken a little as it cools). When the sauce has cooled, fold it carefully into the cream to create a rippled effect, and serve in generous bowls.

What variations on eton mess have you made?


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