diy #2: wellies

After a mad dash for emergency wellies back in June because I had none at uni, I was left with a rather drab black pair that were nowhere near as cheerful as my favourite yellow ones (seen here).

With this in mind, I thought I’d give them a lick of paint!

What you’ll need:

A pair of wellies (the colour doesn’t matter, but bear in mind what you’ll be painting on them), acrylic paints, paint brushes, sponges, something to mix paint on (I used old graze boxes), water, a cup of tea (don’t attempt crafts without tea). I also had some glitter paint on hand, but this depends on your design – we always add glitter.

You may find it helpful to draw your design on in a soluble pen, but I was going for a galaxy look as I’m obsessed with all things space related, so I just went for it!

I started with small details like the galaxies and planets using various paintbrushes. Then I added some of the colours with a sponge, along with some white flecks.

Once this had dried I added a layer of glitter paint with a sponge, let this dry and added a second coat. Make sure they’re dry before popping them on your feet!


I took these to WOMAD this year and they got a little wear, although we were lucky with the sun! The acrylic held well although the glitter paint was a bit smudgy, which I had anticipated.

What design would you paint on your wellies?

p.s. Before anyone says anything, I know my space is nowhere near to scale or realistic – artistic license!




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