Bought on a whim #5

My (minor) obsession with cameras has been well documented. So a few months ago I bought this lovely Polaroid Land Camera 1000 off ebay.

Now, the fact that Polaroid film is no longer being made is something of an issue, but fortunately I had heard about The Impossible Project, and their amazing work in recreating Polaroid film. So obviously I had to buy some!

Yes, it’s incredibly expensive, and having never used my camera before I didn’t even know if it worked, but I was willing to take that risk!

So my first attempt may not be the greatest of quality (yes, Domo was my test subject) but at least the camera works! As you only get 8 exposures at a time I’m very wary about wasting them, so I’m going to wait for a sunny day to try my next one, that’ll be 2012 at the earliest then.






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