Crafting: Find it!

Today is my little brother’s birthday, and over the past month or so I’ve been collecting things for his birthday present – a find it game (as with most craft, inspired by Pinterest)!

First, I found myself a nice large bottle. You could use a jar or tube, anything see through, although I decided plastic was best for it’s non breakable qualities! Then I filled it with all sorts of oddities, found throughout the house, including a paper clip, a match and an earring.I popped in 41 bits and pieces in total, lots of them very small, as I wanted it to be a challenge, but you could make it easier with less or larger things. I’ve also seen themed games- princess, sport and so on. You could even make it that the items were to keep once they’d all been found if they were hair clips and whatnot.

Write down all the things as you go along, it makes it much easier later!

Next, I filled the bottle with rice.I printed out the list of things, plus tick boxes, and stuck them onto luggage labels (a little bit obsessed with these!).You could print this on card or even laminate it, I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get separated from the game. The last thing I did was make a hole in a pencil nub so I could tie it on (I used a screw like a tiny drill!).

And there you have it, one find it game! 


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