Reasons to be cheerful #5

Today’s reasons are a special Japanese edition, partially because whimsy and myself have been discussing travel plans, and partially because it’s just such an amazingly crazy country.

I am in love with Studio Ghibli, and so I’m super excited about seeing their latest film. Plus it’s about The Borrowers, which is one of my favourite books when I was younger. I plan to watch it at our university cinema when I go back, if I’m working when the screening is on I will not be happy!

I love the plastic food they have in Japan, and I love tiny things, so collections of tiny food? Amazing. There are several of these videos on youtube, and I find them absolutely mesmerising.

A cat that’s also a camera? Damn you Japan, stop combining all my favourite things! They’re even described as taking ‘whimsical photos’. It’s meant to be.

And just because I feel it’s not right to have a post without photos, here are some old gratuitous pictures from my visit to Tokyo and the Ghibli museum several years back.


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