A trip to a car boot sale

This morning we went to a car boot sale. Our getting up early plan wasn’t too successful, and we were worried that we’d be too late, but luckily there was a nice free space for us. It even had a lovely view of sheep.We ended up with rather a lot to sell, although a lot of it was mainly on behalf of mama and sibling mustard.

Between three of us we did rather well, and made enough for bacon sandwiches and a bit left over each, and that’s all that really matters. Whimsy earned herself a lot of fans by bringing her knitting along, and we learnt a lot about the importance of the haggle. We are determined to return again, this time as hardened businesswomen.

That is, if I don’t get too carried away playing with what we were trying to sell. (I ended up liberating these dinosaurs back home with me)

Hardened businesswomen, maybe not.

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