Reasons to be cheerful #2


Last night my reasons to be cheerful were:

1. Some Like it Hot – Marilyn being coy is always fabulous.

2. A cold glass of Baileys from a bottle I found while rummaging in my uni luggage.

3. My knitting – I’m determined to actually finish this and turn it into a snood!

4. Underneath them all, my silk kimono. If you want to feel fancy, fetch something silky and pretend you’re a lounging socialite. Perhaps find a chaise longue.

  1. mustard said:

    Poor Jack Lemmon’s face

  2. whimsy said:

    I know. It’s one of those extra sticky stickers 😦

  3. mustard said:

    Hairdryers, apparently, very good for getting them off. Pinterest taught me that.

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