Making kedgeree, and why prison might be alright

Recently I’ve been having a craving for kedgeree.So, I solved the problem. It also gave me an excuse to use a lovely cookbook.

Like all good books, the Wind in the Willows makes a lot of references to food, and this cookbook is a collection of recipes for things that have are eaten by Ratty, Moley and co. Kedgeree, of course, being one of them.

Nearly every page includes lovely illustrations and appropriate, food-related quotes from the book.

The chapters are arranged by occasion, so kedgeree was in the ‘staying at home’ section. ‘Staying in Bed’ is probably my favourite though, and most suited to me. As you can see, it has very useful recipes, such as how to make toast.

This quote was from one of my favourite passages in the book, I can never fail to read it without feeling hungry. I seem to remember that the toast described was brought to Toad in prison, along with tea, and bubble and squeak. I didn’t know what bubble and squeak was at the time, and have still yet to ever try it, but it all sounded so wonderful, I thought prison couldn’t be so bad after all.

Time for toast and tea I think.




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