Bought on a whim

Old books are one of my (many) weaknesses in life. I can’t go past a charity shop without the need to go in and rummage around.

This is how I ended up with these.

“Things to Make” is my favourite.

It’s nice to know that if I should ever become convalescent, I’ll be able to find something to entertain me.

I think I’ll start with the Indian Head-dress. The book promises I will enjoy making it, after all.

  1. Olivia said:

    Have a feeling i may have had this book….that picture looks familiar! Is there also something in there that involves empty thread reels?

  2. whimsy said:

    I’m not sure (have to ask mustard), but I definitely had the Three Little Pigs when I was little and it was my absolute FAVE! Our copy is tattered from all the reads

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